Bye Bye Paris – Cool!

President Donald J. Trump has pulled the United States out of the U.N. sponsored Paris Climate agreement which was negotiated by the previous administration. Citing a huge cost in jobs and  wealth transference to other countries, the President left the door open for renegotiation. The question never asked and certainly never answered, is man-made climate … More Bye Bye Paris – Cool!

Sucky government? It’s a fix it yourself solution

If free chocolate for everyone were part of a proposed legislative package, would yourcongress-person, (A) carefully consider the cost-benefit effect of such legislation or (B) take a survey of his/her constituency to see how many voters liked chocolate? If you answered (B), you just passed your first adult civics lesson. What you probably don’t know is, … More Sucky government? It’s a fix it yourself solution

Liberal Prescriptions Have Passed Their Expiration Date

There was a land called Liberality Who touted their own kind of morality Pronouncements were shrill Water flowed up hill And spewed their own brand of banality “Adrift – A Journey to George Orwell’s 1984” describes an inexorable slide into the abyss described in Orwell’s book.  It is a place where every aspect of human … More Liberal Prescriptions Have Passed Their Expiration Date

A Wall of Ignorance

When all the climate change nonsense has played out, we will just scratch all those ridiculous regulations and resume natural prosperity – except in Boston if the environistas have their way. You see, they want to wall-off the water front because of rising sea levels. Welcome to Rotterdam. And who is cogitating this monstrosity?  Surprise, … More A Wall of Ignorance