Take all the cockamamie ideas that invade our space and throw them into a heap. Those that are biodegradable may become fertilizer for fresh ideas about our world and how we live in it. At the top of my composting list:

  • Politically correct speech – The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. It you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.Phillip K. Dick This is what was behind “Newspeak”, a control tool used by Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984.
  • Man-made Climate Change – The single biggest swindle in human history enriching a few and grinding down on those at the bottom of the economic ladder. “Political” science at its very worst.
  • The Newest iPhone AP – Thumb dexterity has replaced thinking while our brains get pumped full of useless information.
  • Reality TV

Brain Cramps

Did you ever break off a piece of clothes hangar wire to use as an improvised tool? Recall how the first bend is very stiff and you moved it through a five to ten degree arc. You kept repeating it in ever widening arcs until it snapped off.

Now we have the Dow Jones average, which in stable times considered single or double digit swings the norm, gyrating through several hundred point ups and downs on a daily or weekly  basis like a weakened hangar about to snap.  It is amusing to watch all the expert money men looking at their own little niche of market data to tell us the long range (a week) outlook.


It doesn’t matter where the weekly gun violence takes place, it brings all the hand wringing second amendment bashers out, full throat calling for gun control.

One can only wonder how effective the absence of “car control” would be as a defense against a charge of drunken driving. But then, there is no constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to own a car so it’s not a very sexy cause.

The point is, the car deserves about as much blame as the gun in the hands of a transgressor.

Full disclosure – I don’t own a gun and don’t want one in the house.


Election cycles bring out the eternal taxation arguments.  Using it as a political strategy to build class envy doesn’t ask the right question. Rather it is based on the premise that because a person is rich, he should pay at an ever increasing tax rate to help the middle-class.  Whatever the rate, it should always be more since he deserves to “suffer” because he has so much more than I do.

Consider his tax induced suffering.  Will he/she need to give up one of their cars or a yacht or a summer home or a cruise?  Of course not.  This straw man rich person will simply use his ample check book to give a little more to Uncle Sam than he did last year.

The right question is where will that “little more” do the most good? To help the righteous middle class?  Rich people don’t sleep on money stuffed mattresses – they put money to work which ultimately create more and higher paying jobs. That additional few hundreds or thousands or millions of dollars grabbed by Uncle Sugar will diminish his assets and transfer it to the federal government.

Federal money goes to nurture bureaucracy and favored political classes. Where do you think it will do the most good?  It’s a little like the biblical advice about giving the hungry man fish or teaching him to fish.


Within what passes for debate on the immigration question has popped up the “gotcha” question, “did you say anchor baby”? Shame on you.  In the kindergarten speak of this presidential election season, this is the biggest non-issue so far.

Stop and think. (Although your brain may be too addled to put it to work if you have been listening to the politically correct nonsense of what passes for discourse.)  What parent being deported would leave a child or infant behind?  What are they going to do, leave it in a Motel 6  with a U.S. birth certificate pinned to its diaper?

Solve the damn problem.  Amend the constitution?  You gotta be kidding – another ten years, about the same time it will take to round up all the illegals for deportation.  What are we running out of cans to kick down the road?  There are two solvable problems, the solutions to which will put this to bed. 1- Secure the border and 2- Make it possible for immigrants to get into this country easily in a reasonable time.  That, in itself, will take much of the pressure off border security.

I have a friend who married a Mexican lady and it took months to secure legal entry for her.  It should take no more than 30 days at the outside from the time of application.

Only after that, set about conferring some kind of legal status on all the current illegals and there are several ways to do that. Who knows, when the illegal entry has slowed to a trickle, we might even be able to consider amnesty.

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