“Through the Looking Glass”, a sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”, finds Alice behind the mirror where she comes across a book, Jabberwocky, that can only be read by holding it up to a mirror. This may be a useful suggestion when trying to make sense of today’s political reporting.

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Take, for example, the ‘income gap’ and the mail room guy with his tiny salary compared with the CEO’s.  Now this piece of legerdemain requires the assumption that anybody on the bottom rung of the so called ladder will never be allowed to move up to the next rung.  The solution, therefore, is to take money from the CEO in the form of a higher tax rate and give enough of it to the bottom rung guy washed through some bureaucracy in the form of a program that will sustain his bottom rung position.

An alternative would be to let the CEO keep more of his money so that he can build more ladders with more rungs to be filled by guys moving up the ladder.

A corollary is the need to ‘tax the rich’ in order to balance the budget and create jobs through infrastructure spending.  Consider the ‘rich man’ with summer homes, a boat, several luxury cars and maybe even a jet.  It you raise his tax a million dollars, he won’t be depriving himself of any of these accoutrements of fine living but will simply write a check for the million dollars out of his investment funds.  Now who do you think will create the most new jobs and the most new taxes to be collected with that money; a federal bureaucracy or the entrepreneur they confiscated it from?

There is no more damaging piece of ‘Jabberwocky’ than attribution of the cause of the economic collapse of 2008 to ‘greedy lenders’ and ‘stupid buyers’ as the root cause of home mortgage defaults. Out of control energy costs added $642 per month to the budget of an average family of four, according to the Department of Energy. After credit resources were used up, millions of monthly mortgage payments fell into default.

A deep drop in consumer spending cost millions of jobs further aggravating a bad situation. This administration blamed the banks thus saving their environmental buddies from any responsibility for senselessly preventing development of our ample energy resources. To make sure that the housing market never comes back, they passed Dodd-Frank.

In a related matter, this administration’s preoccupation with climate change features some dandy cause and effect reversals.  An example is using the results of ice core samples which reveal climate data for thousands of years.  They liked to point out that higher concentrations of carbon dioxide were associated with warm periods until closer examinations showed that they came at the end of the warming cycle when oceans give up their carbon dioxide to the atmosphere when temperatures increased.

As to the question of what caused the warming cycle to begin with, no answer was ever offered.

So why aren’t all these examples of flawed logic the object of ridicule by the public?  It’s because the main-stream-media speak in Jabberwocky.

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