Why I’m Here

I check sites which advertise freelance writing gigs. Mostly, they are looking for people to write about diets, celebrity things, recipes, real estate, TV, sports and all the things that stuff our heads with the trivia of modern culture.  Yet few people can name one of the two senators that represent our state.

We pay a price for the circular logic of our days.  Politicians pay good money to consultants to find out what interests us when they are formulating campaign strategy and that’s how we get the politicians we love to bitch about.  We have a democracy which confers an obligation on its citizens to be informed.  You want better government?  Then learn what the hell is going on.

4685718011_1a6c941e8a_o KITSCHSo that’s what this site is about – things that matter – or ought to.

What’s Here – A Synopsis of Posts

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