Goofy School District Outlaws Free Speech


Portland Public Schools bans material that casts doubt on climate change

May 17, 2016 – Portland’s Public Schools Board “banned any classroom materials that cast doubt on climate change.  It is required that any textbooks present climate change as fact, not as theory.”  Furthermore, it commands, that this prescribes human activity as the cause.

A former school district teacher testified that, “we don’t want kids in Portland learning material courtesy of the fossil fuel industry.”

Have they been drinking water bottled in Flint or what?  How many ways is this the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen, even in the decade of dumb?

  • Far from “settled science”, if you Google ‘climate change deniers’, you will get (at the time this was written) 433,000 responses.
  • This is part of a movement which is trying to criminalize people who disagree.
  • Oil companies love climate change. It keeps energy prices high by making resource development difficult and expensive.  Their web sites carry obeisance to this bogus science and why shouldn’t they – it’s great for profits.
  • First Amendment anyone or is Orwell’s 1984 upon us?

The next batch of Millennials is on its way.

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2 thoughts on “Goofy School District Outlaws Free Speech

  1. The action of Portland schools sets a bad precedent in suppressing free speech. Learning about opposing views then arguing against them can support beliefs. I use the word belief in this case and not fact because there is simply no scientific evidence that people are causing climate change. We need to have faith in our ability to innovate as situations arise. For example, Japanese scientists recently discovered a bacteria that can eat plastic and radio- active material.


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