Exploitation, Indifference and Death


Shot and killed in Chicago this year, 245.  That’s through early June. Protests by Black Lives Matter or The Reverend Al Sharpton – NONE.  Most of the victims are black.  If one of those victims had beem a black murderer and the shooter a white policeman – well now, can you say Ferguson, Baltimore or Dallas.  A number is a statistic.  Murder is the termination, the end of life of a real live person; someone who got up in the morning just like you did with plans for the day, no matter how grand or tawdry, and snap, it’s over.

It’s a statistic, a news filler between real important considerations like transgender toilets and the “racist” outrage of the day.   To bring us closer to the flesh and blood of this story, here is the tally for June 1:

6/1, 5:10 am Kevin Atkins 21 Black Shooting 3600 W. 13th St.
6/1, 8:45 am Victor Felix 16 Black Shooting 4100 W. 56th St.
6/1, 9:40 pm Kaysar Chako 19 White Shooting 3000 W. Devon
6/1, 5:40 pm Marshawn Clinkscale 17 Black Shooting 2600 E. 75th St.


During the rest of the week, a dozen more victims accumulated, ages 2 months to 54 years with nine black, two white and one ‘other’.  In just a week, Chicago generated enough murders to provide story lines for a season worth of shows for a TV series.  Emmys anybody?

Kevin, Victor, Kaysar and Marshawn – gone.  Were they drug dealers, gang bangers or what?  It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference – they were products of the environment that they had the misfortune to be born into.

The real question is why does this environment even exist?  Why do we tolerate it and for whose benefit?  The last part of the question is easy to answer – the Democratic party who keeps the ‘plantation negro’ minimally fed and housed for election season.  The nice word for it is power base.

And before Republicans put their ‘righteous’ boots on, where the hell are you?  All the talk about expanding the base and here is a potential electorate so underserved that it is truly pathetic.  Don’t wait for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to take the lead.  They only go where there is money to be made and these folks don’t have much.

It’s not a problem unique to Chicago.  The same thing exists in every metropolitan center, the only difference being the stage of disintegration. As to why we continue to elect people who are vested in maintaining this shameful blot on our culture – that’s easy – willful ignorance and indifference, a hallmark of modern culture.

There is an interesting parallel here with George Orwell’s book, 1984, the story of an absolute dictatorship with 24/7 monitoring of everyone’s activity and thought except for proles.

Proles – Short for Proletariat

A segment of the population considered as no possible threat to the state.  They were free to do whatever they wanted in their dilapidated neighborhoods.  Free to drink beer in their old fashioned neighborhood bars or anything else that struck their fancy. Described by the author as, “In reality very little was known about proles…They were born, they grew up in gutters, they went to work at twelve, they passed through a brief blossoming period of beauty and sexual desire, they married at twenty, they were middle aged at thirty, the died, for the most part at sixty.”

Written in 1950, the book describes something that has a scary similarity to today’s inner city life. For a more wide-ranging analysis, see my ebook, “Adrift – A Journey to George Orwell’s 1984”

Indifference Writ Large

It is said that Millennials, who will soon be our largest voting bloc, get their news from Facebook’s “Trending” list which today singles out the following as most important ‘news’.

  1. Bruce Campbell: Actor addresses fake photo of alleged Donald Trump supporter beaten up at rally.
  2. Roseanne Barr: Comedian expresses support for Donald Trump in interview.
  3. Tila Tequila: TV personality issues ‘official apology’ after comments on immigrants described as racist.
  4. Adam Rodriguez; Actor joins cast of Criminal Minds after departure of Shemar Moore.
  5. Samara Weaving: Actress’s horror makeup headshot misused to claim violence against trump supporters.
  6. Chuck Grassley: U.S. Senator, R-Iowa, compares Donald Trump and Sotomayor’s remarks on race.
  7. Canada Goose and American Bald Eagle: Photo shows birds fighting on Vancouver Island.
  8. Children’s Memorial Hospital demolished in 1st step of redevelopment project.
  9. Petra: Archeologists discover large structure at World Heritage site in Southern Jordan.
  10. Jamie Lee Curtis: Actress appears in orc costume with her son at Warcraft film premier.

Six entertainment celebrities, a politician plus a goose and an eagle along with a dig in Jordan are highlighted as the major news stories of the day for our authenticity oriented tulips.

For us archaics who grew up developing our opinions from the great daily newspapers like the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Washington Post or TV newscasters of Emmy quality, they are gone.  They have been replaced by liberal sycophants who are the Pravda of political progressives that came to us through some kind of ‘immaculate conception’ and can do no wrong.


What Can We Do About It

The what is easy:

  • Let the police do their job without interference from political posturing and pandering to the aforementioned media. No guns, no violence and no drugs.
  • Replace a dilapidated educational system devoted to liberal indoctrination with one that teaches the three R’s, as we used to call it, readin’ rittin’ and rithmetic giving students the foundation to learn useful things.
  • Bring the two party system to the inner city so that politicians must compete for voter favor.

It’s the how that’s hard.  You have to do it.  We are in the state we are in because voters abdicated their responsibilities to be informed.  That’s the only way we got the ‘gomulks’ we have because we have stupid voters – and the politicians you love to complain about pay consultants a lot of money to keep track of how little you know or care.

“American voters have to pay closer attention to politics if they want to avoid four years of whining about the outcome.” Jack Germond, former columnist for the Washington Post

A cursory check of the internet shows you are interested in diets, games, celebrities and lists.  The rest of the time, you are playing thumb hockey on your electronic alter egos. That same internet has the information you need to make informed decisions on important issues like, is democracy worth the effort or is the constitution relevant?or maybe it’s too old.

Use it while it’s still available because the current administration took it over with passage of the Net Neutrality act last year.  When our capacity for outrage is sated by trivia like toilet mandates and the PC violation of the day, we lose track of priorities.


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