Political Courage ???


‘Tis the season for great folly – refers of course to the political season, the most fertile ground for growing this annoying weed.  These comments are prompted by one of those mailers from another wannabe; in this case a young candidate for the Illinois legislature.  The thing about it is, there is no party affiliation anywhere on the mailer.

Being curious and a political junkie, I went to the internet and found that party affiliation is Republican in magnifying glass size font.  Said candidate will be referred to as “P” for Politician as opposed to small “p”, the distinction being that the latter stands for someone who regards politics as a necessary evil to solve problems as opposed to someone who just wants to be one. You may wonder “one” what – a problem or a Politician? The answer is yes.

Everyone knows the financial plight of the State of Illinois, so what does “P” propose to do about it?  “P’s” mailer only says, “We have urgent problems that need solving” and blames the people we have already elected. “P’s” solution is to “provide independent leadership” and stand up for our community.  No clue there.  What will “P’s” vote be on taxes and spending?  Perhaps “P” will simply vote “present” most of the time like another young, fledgling Illinois politician a few years ago who went on to be President.

On the flip side of the mailer, “P” refers to a “mission for everyone” – students, moms, dads, grandparents, young professionals and business owners. Anyone left out?  As a precinct committeeman years ago in another town, I have met these people and have watched sausage being made.  That’s probably why I prefer bacon, crisp to burnt.

Some people will excuse “P’s” approach noting the controversial head of the Republican ticket.  I will vote for him proudly but haven’t made up my mind about “P”. I’m just tired of being “P’d on”.

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