Term Limits – A Bad Idea Whose Time Will Never Come


What politician feeding at the trough is going to voluntarily give up their place at the table?  Get real.  Even if term limits were a good idea, and it is not, how is it ever supposed to become law?  Some would suggest a constitutional convention, the first one since 1787.

There are only two things wrong with that; a constitutional convention can address any issue they choose which is plenty scary and if term limits got the go ahead from a convention, the seekers of this change would probably have passed on of old age by the time it went through the ratification process and became law.


A Bad Idea Whose Time Will Never Come

To begin with, many more candidates would be required just to replace the termed-out folks. Where do people think they will come from or why should it improve the quality of representation?  They will come from the Democrat and Republican party organizations who will promote good party people that sold the most fund raising tickets for a local candidate, enhancing the influence of the very people who are responsible for our current political landscape.

To anyone who still thinks it is a good idea, serve a term as a precinct committeeman to see how sausage is made. (I did and I prefer bacon, crisp to burnt over sausage.)


What’s The Problem?

The voting, tax-paying citizens are beyond dismay at a government which piles deficit dollars on top of deficit dollars resulting in a cancerous bureaucracy and more and more burdensome regulations, all because the electorate keeps electing the same people over and over again before bitching about them throughout their term in office.

The real question is why and the answer is simple – the good citizens of this democracy are too distracted to learn about their government, the issues and how things work. From Politico, we have, “And “fickle” is a nice way of describing the voters of 2012, who appear to be wandering, confused and Forrest Gump-like through the experience of a presidential campaign. It isn’t just unclear which party’s vision they’d rather embrace; it’s entirely questionable whether the great mass of voters has even the most basic grasp of the details – or for that matter, the most elementary factual components – of the national political debate.”

Candidates pay good money to consultants who, among other things, tell them what the voting public knows and what interests them – that is for the 50% or so who bother to vote.  That tells the candidate what kind of a bumper sticker image they want them to walk into the polling booth with.

If the citizens, taxpayers and voters are sick and tired of their politicians, it’s a do-it-yourself cure.  A better informed public will get better candidates – remember, they know what the public knows.  Term Limits is a total cop-out.

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