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Those Annoying Facts  hand-995564_1920

It used to be, everyone was entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. But that’s not the case anymore. Facts matter not at all. Perception is everything. Stephen Colbert


Now I’m not a techno-geek, but I flinched when I heard a panelist on a televised political discussion show say, ‘yeah, force equals mass times velocity’. It was not intended as a physics lesson but rather an embellishment on a political point being made.  The most basic relationship in Newtonian physics is force equals mass times acceleration (F=ma).  Mass times velocity is called momentum.

It makes me wonder how much else this panelist pontificates on without having a clue.  Nor is this an isolated incident.  Take, for example, the unending discussion about the effect of Russian hacking on our presidential election, intending to leave the impression that Vladimir Putin preferred Trump to Hillary making him a pushover when it comes to dealing with Russia. In addition, it is intended to delegitimize his presidency.


Half the News That’s Fit to Print    8164683753_6c40af3fa4_o

Half the news that’s fit to print is an appropriate appellation to confer on all the newsies who qualify to be lumped into the category of ‘main-stream-media – lumped also in the sense of coal for their Christmas stockings.  Recognizing that this is a potential infringement on the New York Times self-proclaimed goal, it shouldn’t bother anyone because they have been publishing only half the story for a very long time.

Since nasty names have not invalidated the unthinkable November 8 ‘cataclysm’, the purveyors of liberal fantasies have seized on the fruits of Russian hackmeisters as proof that Donald Trump was the favorite of Russian president, Vladimir Putin.


Republicans’ Corporate Overlords?    background-1023002

You and a friend are having a discussion and you go to the internet to get the right answer to a question you have been arguing about for an hour.  Your Google results produces a screen with half of it blacked out; as in redacted like a government document they don’t want you to see for security or other reasons.

This is a story about Net Neutrality which became law June 2015 by fiat of the FCC turning over control of the internet to the government.

Now comes an opinion expressed on the dailykos.com November 11, “Republicans—and their corporate overlords—can’t let the rest of us have nice things, like the open internet,       More

Strangulation By Regulation


For pity sakes, more strangulation through regulation?  A NY Times headline today, “Broadband Providers Will Need Permission to Collect Private Data”.

The FCC using a 3 to 2 vote said that broadband subscribers will need to grant permission before companies like Comcast and AT&T can collect their digital information. This action puts a big hole in targeted advertising plans which may affect AT&T’s plans to acquire Time Warner.  At the same time, the ruling does not affect Google, Facebook and other web companies because FCC authority is limited to broadband business.

In the article, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is quoted as saying, “It is not the information of the network the consumer hires to deliver that information.”  Huh?  Privacy groups supported the move saying that it brings us more in line with Europe.  We want to be more like Europe?

The article goes on to say that consumer data can still be collected but that it will be more difficult. It just doesn’t seem that putting business in straight-jackets is the way to encourage business expansion and create more jobs.

This is the same Tom Wheeler who pushed through Net Neutrality last year ceding U.S. control of the internet to the U.N. All in favor of “draining the swamp”, remember November 8.



You may despise his politics, his hair and the color of his tie, and some may regard him as profane, but Donald J. Trump is not a lout. Only a clumsy, awkward, stupid person would press an unwelcome presence on any woman anywhere and the stories headlining MSM news this week concerning his female encounters are beyond absurd.

If “The Donald” wanted to get laid, plenty of attractive women would be standing in line.  Money and power are strong aphrodisiacs.  That a People Magazine female reporter, invited into his home for an interview, would be pressed against a wall by a groping, horny Trump as soon as his pregnant wife left the room makes you wonder about the person who made up such a story.

That this reporter was intimidated from telling her story for ten or so years until a month before a presidential election defies credulity. She made a living as a reporter for goodness sakes.  And the story about groping a woman in an airline first-class section in full view flight attendants and other passengers is equally absurd.

The Clinton campaign must know of a Wiki Leaks story yet to come which is potentially so damaging that it calls for such desperate measures. Stories like these could only have been concocted by moonlighting TV script writers and who would believe them.  Only a few million people who spend hours watching bad TV.

You can bet that the Trump people won’t be engaging the NCIS people to expose this tawdry mess.

 The Trivial Pursuit Score Board, Here Kitty, Kitty im-right-1458410

Recalling a three credit hour business law course stuffed into my engineering curriculum in college, the professor was fond of saying, “you argue black and I’ll argue white, or I’ll argue black and you argue white”.  The point being that substance is a distant second to building a winning argument.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons that politics is such a career magnet for law school graduates.  Crafting an argument that the jury will buy trumps principle and substance while supporting job security.  In politics, who is the jury?  The obvious answer is you and me – end of story.

Well, not quite.                         More


A Culture Gone To Crap    memphis-couple

A culture gone to crap, might be the title of this episode described on http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/10/06/video-shows-memphis-couple-overdose-on-heroin-outside-store.html, October 6, 2016.

The short of the story is that a couple, a man and a woman, apparently used a Memphis Walgreen’s bathroom to snort some heroin, mid-afternoon in Memphis Tennessee and succumbed to a state of helpless inebriation as illustrated in a ten minute video which has gone viral.

While the drug users’ behavior is beyond embarrassing, it is the video maker’s utter disregard for the couple’s potential medical emergency that marks a low ebb on the ‘love your neighbor’ scale.






I guess rioters can only riot during TV prime time.  They probably all have day jobs .



Creating Jabberwocky Mid-September Update

Hoax of the Century

               2856159789_5200250c44_o 7039444683_29a0534993_o229880631_e7e48d82f9_o

The Cardiff Giant was the figure of a man, 10 feet 4-1/2 inches tall, carved out of gypsum and surreptitiously buried on the farm of a Syracuse, NY suburb called Cardiff.  When it was found in 1869 by a farmer drilling a well, it was immediately promoted as the petrified remains of a giant who populated the earth at one time as described in Genesis.

Cigar maker George Hull put the scheme together and made a fortune from people gullible enough to pay to see it.

In the 20th century, the Loch Ness Monster brought tourism to this Scottish location by people hoping for a glimpse of this mammoth pre-historic throwback to the age of dinosaurs.
21st Century Hoax
And now we have our twenty-first century hoax – man made climate change which is a real brain – buster.



Epi(c) Outrage   epipen

In an election season where indignation and outrage are the postures du-jour, comes EpiPen, a medical device manufactured by Mylan drug company. A Facebook post yesterday, capsulized a headline from the website “Uncut”, “Big Pharma’s dirty secret: EpiPen was developed entirely with taxpayer money”, placed under the words, “CLASS WAR”.

I have no way of knowing if this story was concocted out of total ignorance or if the web site was simply waving a ‘ME TOO’ flag to the outrage crowd.  You can read the complete story at http://usuncut.com/class-war/epipen-taxpayer-money/                                                                       More

Obscuring The Difference     4639435400_19d05fbc51_o

This is an apple; this is an orange. Although they are both fruits, one really wouldn’t confuse one with the other would they? As a matter of fact, they are so different that they are used to illustrate differences in things obscured by subtlety or even subterfuge.  If we attempt to compare a sports car and an SUV, we begin with noting that they are both motor driven four-wheel transport vehicles but to compare load carrying capacities would be ridiculous.  You might say that it is like comparing an apple with and orange.

Take for example presidential candidates and, more specifically, the terms used to describe distinguishing features which voters might use to choose one or the other.  More

So You Say  8276603038_88a63e5911_o

Under the heading of notable ‘premature demises’ may turn out to be this year’s presidential election. Poll results, such as they are, seem to be fueling the wishful thinking of some of the poohbahs in Donald Trumps adopted Republican party. They have already put the Champaign on ice in preparation for cork popping at Hillary Clinton’s November victory.

Fueled by media hysteria at the thought of a U.S. President having gained the office without their imprimatur, polls fuel the negaboobs whose insecurity has reached panty twisting levels at the thought of this interloper diminishing their party influence.  And, by the way, they have lost the last two presidential elections.  More


Shh!  I’m voting for Trump   ConsSpndGraphJ7.docx (2)

Between you and me, I’m voting for Trump, but don’t tell anyone.

Last night I saw someone interviewed who recounted an event at a recent lawyer’s conference he attended.  When they registered at the beginning of the event, they signed in with their name and who they were voting for president in November.  Hillary won 53 to 43 percent.  At the conclusion of the conference, they voted again, this time on a secret ballot.  Trump won 51 to 41.

This is the most thorough demolition of a liberal candidate opponent since Barry Goldwater.  But Trump shouldn’t take it personally.  Because of Obama’s dismal eight-year performance, the Democrat’s only hope of extending their White House lease is a successful character assassination of any Republican who came out of their convention with the nomination.      More

Say What?


History ? – Forgeddaboutit


Evolution or God, depending upon your spiritual persuasions, has given us huge brains and amazing intellects and yet, we lurch from one unforeseen outcome to another.  It’s like a carefully planned battle which instantly dissolves into chaos once the first shot is fired.  And so it is with the best laid plans, etc.

I am reading, “The Forgotten Man – A New History of The Great Depression” by Amity Schlaes.   More

Hey, Hey, Theresa May, You Made Climate Change Go Away    Theresa May

High up on new British Prime Minister, Theresa May’s must-do list, was elimination of climate change as a priority effort worthy of its own department status.  Accompanied by ‘hissy-fits’ from those whose livings depend on promotion of this badly flawed ‘science’,  More

The Race Panderers




Race, racism, racist are words like the word, sin.  During a Christian worship service, there is a point where we confess our sins and ask God for forgiveness. Reflection does not yield any specific time in the last week when I have committed a sin but I recite the petition of forgiveness because I am human, I am a sinner.  That is the tautology of the Christian religion.

Some form of the word Race is trumpeted through the media almost daily, as the cause of most social ills and, because my skin color “white”, I am guilty of some kind of vague transgression against humanity.  Who am I supposed to petition for forgiveness, The Reverend Al Sharpton, The Reverend Jesse Jackson or someone else?  I will attempt to answer that later but first, let’s reflect on the history of “Race Relations” in the U.S.
History    More


Voter Quiz.jpeg




Term Limits – A Bad Idea Whose Time Will Never Come  3537931743_553f1ac8ef_z

Someone who has a good paying job with power and prestige is going to terminate themselves?  Get real.  Even if term limits were a good idea, and it is not, how is it ever supposed to become law?  Some would suggest a constitutional convention, the first one since 1787.

There are only two things wrong with that; a constitutional convention can address any issue they choose which is plenty scary and if term limits got the go ahead from a convention, the seekers of this change would probably have passed on of old age by the time it went through the ratification process and became law. More

 Adrift – A Journey to George Orwell’s 1984Adrift Cover 2D (4)Adjusted

Much of what appears on this website is pulled together with context about today’s culture in “Adrift”.   More



It is truly amazing how we can take crisis level problems and reduce them to gibberish.  It must be that gibberish has become the lingua franca of public discussion.  But here we are again, in Orlando this time with the sides dividing between guns and terrorists in the cause and effect analysis.The unasked question is, “If the perpetrator has not been able to legally buy a gun, would he have just gone home and spent the evening watching bad TV?” Does anybody think that irrational, violent compulsions are that easily quelled?

Liberality     5073116225_a30a40dc1c_z

There was a land called Liberality

Who touted their own kind of morality

Pronouncements were shrill

Water flowed up hill

And spewed their own brand of banality

Political Courage ???


COMPOSTING Take all the cockamamie ideas that invade our space and throw them into a heap. Those that are biodegradable may become fertilizer for fresh ideas about our world and how we live in it. At the top of my composting list: Politically correct speech – The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation..More


JABBERWOCKY   6792771279_042ecabe5c_q BACKWARDimage002

“Through the Looking Glass”, a sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”, finds Alice behind the mirror where she comes across a book, Jabberwocky, that can only be read by holding it up to a mirror. This may be a useful suggestion when trying to make sense of today’s political reporting. More

When Truth is Inconvenient    3867674981_a673ce98f8

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