Hey, Hey, Theresa May, You Made Climate Change Go Away

Theresa May

High up on new British Prime Minister, Theresa May’s must-do list, was elimination of climate change as a priority effort worthy of its own department status.  Accompanied by ‘hissy-fits’ from those whose livings depend on promotion of this badly flawed ‘science’, the Department of Energy and Climate Change was eliminated with its activities folded into a new department, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy with MP Greg Clarke appointed as its head.

Exit from the European Union has relieved Great Britain from heavy handed carbon limitations imposed by Brussels that has complicated management of its electrical grid. A British organization, The Global Warming Policy Forum, which is a focal point for the expression of skeptics’ opinions, applauded the move calling it a much needed rationalization.

In 2009, British author Christopher Booker had his book, “The Real Global Warming Disaster”, published in which he exposes the huge expense imposed by these carbon standards on Great Britain.

For more discussion on the subject of climate change, see, https://thecomposteheapblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/15/when-truth-is-inconvenient/  this site.

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