Shh! I’m voting for Trump

Between you and me, I’m voting for Trump, but don’t tell anyone.

Last night I saw someone interviewed who recounted an event at a recent lawyer’s conference he attended.  When they registered at the beginning of the event, they signed in with their name and who they were voting for president in November.  Hillary won 53 to 43 percent.  At the conclusion of the conference, they voted again, this time on a secret ballot.  Trump won 51 to 41.

This is the most thorough demolition of a liberal candidate opponent since Barry Goldwater.  But Trump shouldn’t take it personally.  Because of Obama’s dismal eight-year performance, the Democrat’s only hope of extending their White House lease is a successful character assassination of any Republican who came out of their convention with the nomination.

Selective ‘news’, half-truths, warped context and edited quotes by a media all the way out of the objectivity closet, would make a second coming of George Washington look like an invasion of the body snatchers.

So I’ve decided to come out of my closet and declare my support for Trump.  Here’s why.

ConsSpndGraphJ7.docx (2)

The graph uses numbers from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of Energy.  The difference between consumer spending and what it should have been is divided by $40,000 average salary and divided again by two to arrive at the jobs lost.  Since the U.S. imports many of its goods, jobs were depressed world-wide.

Over 31 million jobs lost to the climate change fiction. Without going into detail, there is nothing about the carbon dioxide molecule which would lend itself to this bogus ‘science’.  Indeed, the IPCC has lied and falsified so much data that they have to know about it or they are dumber than jellyfish.  The incentives are the usual aphrodisiacs, money and power.

A few people have made fortunes perpetrating this scheme and it has been a windfall of opportunity for bureaucrats from Brussels to Washington and particularly for Obama, the archetypical liberal whose arrogance compels him to tell others how to live.

These same people have constructed a fictitious scapegoat known as a ‘housing bubble’ with the blame falling on ‘greedy lenders’ and ‘stupid buyers’.  If you use the U.S. Energy Department’s information agency, (EIFA), you will find that during the last four years of Bush, energy costs increased $642 per month for a family of four when compared with the last four years of Clinton, a drain that eventually left no room in the family budget for mortgage payments.

Up to this point, ‘climate change’, is the sole, proximate cause of the economic decline affecting millions of families.  But they weren’t done.  Next came Dodd-Frank, another bureaucratic  delight, which has kept the housing market at pre-millennium levels and has been a nightmare for small lenders. New homes drive the big ticket consumer market with things like furniture, carpet, drapes, washers and dryers etc. and so retail continues to shrink causing continuing job losses.

Add to all of this Obamacare which has given employers a strong incentive to stay under 50 employees and limit as many as possible to less than 30 hours per week.

A book, “The Forgotten Man” reviews the great depression and there are a number of disturbing parallels with today.  Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt turned a cyclical recession into the economic disaster which endured for ten years only because of government ‘tinkering’ with everyone’s livelihood.  Much of candidate Clinton’s economic program proposes to repeat the same mistakes of the 1930’s.

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