The Trivial Pursuit Score Board, Here Kitty, Kitty


Recalling a three credit hour business law course stuffed into my engineering curriculum in college, the professor was fond of saying, “you argue black and I’ll argue white, or I’ll argue black and you argue white”.  The point being that substance is a distant second to building a winning argument.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons that politics is such a career magnet for law school graduates.  Crafting an argument that the jury will buy trumps principle and substance while supporting job security.  In politics, who is the jury?  The obvious answer is you and me – end of story.

Well, not quite. There is another trade involved in this process – people who are educated to make Barbie look pretty with nice clothes.  They populate our mainstream media and put pretty clothes on really ugly dolls and tell us, the jury, what pretty looks like. Any of us who think Rembrandt created prettier pieces of canvas than Picasso are dismissed as bumpkins unworthy even of scorn.

That preamble brings us to this year’s quadrennial November Fest.  For most of the post -World War II period, these beauty contests pitted Moderate (R) versus Moderate (D) and usually the MSM has told us that D is a prettier letter than R which made little difference since this was the grownup version of arguing black and white.

Not so much in 2016 – not even close.  We have diametrically opposite choices between (D) and (R) this time and our MSM folks have trotted out a full wardrobe of pretty dresses for really ugly dolls. (Is “ugly dolls” a mini-aggression?)

Policy Position Summary




Taxes Cut Raise
Energy Fully develop our fossil fuels Obeisance to Climate Change
Foreign Policy Assert strength Continued acquiescence
Regulations Less More
Medical Free market Single payer
Trade Deal from strength Weak


In addition, the next president will make supreme court appointments affecting our lives for the next 30 years.  So if you have been paying any attention at all during your adult life and have developed a philosophical view about governance, the choice is obvious even if R is Mickey Mouse and D is Lassie. But apparently a significant percentage of the U.S. population has been too preoccupied with their Barbie dolls of reality TV and egame apps to discern the difference between R and D while MSM cloaks the issues in their own preferential colors.

Out of the blue, an eleven-year-old guy talk conversation referring to pussy, not of the feline variety, is inadvertently recorded and distributed for mass consumption, becoming the pivot point for millions of voters’ candidate pick.  For comic relief, we have down-ballot R’s feigning shock and outrage while the consequences of the outcome of a watershed election is ignored as we continue our life-long game of trivial pursuit.

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