Extreme Petty Ankle Biting


Do they think we are that stupid or are they?  I am referring to the media and their reaction to a 90-day embargo placed upon immigrants from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.  Stories about this event are written with a self-righteous panty twist about what kind of country are we!

They go on to list countries of origin for previous terrorist events on U.S. soil that are not on this list as some kind of deficiency.  President Trump promised extreme vetting in order to preclude the kind of indiscriminate refugee flow that the Syrian conflict has inundated Europe.

The vetting process depends on the availability of reliable information from an immigrant’s country of origin and it is the unreliability of information from the seven listed countries that has landed them on the list.  Does anyone think that Iran whose mantra is Death to America would lift a finger to prevent a terrorist from entering this country?  On the contrary, they would probably furnish him with first class airfare and membership in the 72 virgin dating service. Various degrees of chaos in the other six countries make availability of needed information suspect.
And then there’s “The Wall”

The suggestion of a 20 percent tariff on Mexican manufactured goods coming into the U.S. is met with the objection that the pass-along cost would only make goods more expensive for Americans.  Imagine two competing auto dealers across the street from each other, one selling U.S. manufactured cars and the other, Mexican manufactured autos. Anyone who has ever sold cars, will vouch for the penny-pinching mentality of the average car buyer.  Deals have been lost for less than five dollars a month price difference and the hence the chance of passing along a 20 percent tariff charge for an import are zero to nil.
Russian Hacking

From a July 27, 2016 piece on nbc.com, “For a Russian leader who is considered as vain as he is ruthless, Clinton’s criticism long ago crossed over from the political into the personal. He carries a grudge against a woman who has publicly compared him to Hitler and expressed doubts that he has a soul.”  Later in the article, Michael McFaul, ambassador to Russia from 2012 to2014, offered the opinion that Putin took the remarks personally.

Putin stepped down in 2008 after serving two terms as president as called for in the post-Soviet constitution. He served four years as prime minister, an office subservient to the president and in 2012 became a presidential candidate once again.  His campaign was marred by wide spread protests from an electorate not satisfied with economic progress promised by Putin dominated governance since 2000.

In his Putin biography, “The New Tsar The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin”, author Steven Lee Myers reports, “Three days after the vote, speaking to organizers of his coming presidential campaign, he blamed the on-going protests on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who had criticized the conduct of the election.”  He went on to say that she had a hand in organizing the protests.

The most obvious inference is that Putin’s (if in fact he was the hacker) motive was revenge against Clinton and not a preference for Trump because he would be a ‘pushover’.

Illegal Voting

Trump critics have said that an investigation of the number illegal votes cast in 2016 is a foolish waste of time and money. As the left became ‘lefter’, their promotion of vote sources from unregistered individuals became less restrained.  Favoring admission of large numbers of undocumented people to the U.S. coupled with opposition to voter ID laws is ample reason to quantify the problem.

Allegations of three million illegal votes cast, not a trivial number, should be a matter of concern to everyone.  Perhaps the objectors are afraid that it is a lot more than three million.

Newspapers and other outlets appear to have forgotten who they write for.  In a complex world, a reliable source of information is essential to understanding this planet we live on and when we have to dig through hype and ‘fake’ news written by reporters with Pulitzer stars in their eyes, it does a disservice to everyone. We get it that the left doesn’t like Trump, but he won’t be deterred by petty ‘ankle biting’ which only makes the ‘nippers’ look ridiculous.

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