A Wall of Ignorance


When all the climate change nonsense has played out, we will just scratch all those ridiculous regulations and resume natural prosperity – except in Boston if the environistas have their way. You see, they want to wall-off the water front because of rising sea levels. Welcome to Rotterdam.

And who is cogitating this monstrosity?  Surprise, it’s academia, this time professors at U Mass and they are spending the year studying alternatives and costs and impact on fishing and shipping.

Why?  A waterfront, currently a foot above high tide, is vulnerable to a sea level schedule to rise a foot and a half by 2050 and three feet by 2070 according to global warmists. Depending on final design decisions, this wall could be four miles long.  Aside from its ugliness, boaters will need to go a mile or more out of their way to find a gate to safe harbor – if it’s open.

Noah’s flood revisited is nothing new in the pseudo-science of climate change forecasts.  A few months ago, CNN and others told us that scientists had modeled a history that said sea levels were rising faster than during any time in the past 27 centuries.

Actual Sea Level Change?

That there is wide disagreement on the question of sea level elevation is illustrated by the following graph.Sea Level Rise

Who can forget the scene in Al Gore’s movie, an “Inconvenient Truth” when he rides a man-lift up 17 feet to dramatize the global warming effect on sea levels.  All kidding aside, how much longer do we have to put up with these horse droppings?  Galileo was under house arrest for suggesting the earth was round, but this is the 21st century after all.

The sheep in wolf’s clothing has been telling us for three decades now that the end is near if we buy another SUV – at least for polar bears and ice caps and the fake news media has been the dooms-day chorus in the background.  Whatever happened to investigative reporting?

At What Cost?

The cost of this fake science has been enormous. The U.S. has the largest reserve of fossil fuels in the world but because of the fabricated concerns about carbon dioxide, (CO2 for the sophisticated reader) we can only tap a few select sources.  Comparing the last four years of Bush 43 with the last four years of Clinton (the one who got elected president), a family of four paid $642 per month more for energy under Bush.

Unable to adjust family budgets over this prolonged period, an onslaught of mortgage foreclosures caused great financial stress on the economy and we had the invention of the ‘housing bubble’ to deflect blame from ‘environmentalists’ who found climate change a lucrative source of grant money. Consumer spending nose-dived with a loss of thirty million jobs world-wide.

An Awakening?

From The Dailywire.com,

“A new study produced by a University of Wisconsin-Madison and geoscientist and a Northwestern astrophysicist presents an explanation of the fluctuation of the earth’s temperature that global warming alarmists are going to make sure to bury: The cycle of changes in the climate over the millennia is a result of changes in the amount of solar radiation, in part caused by small changes in the orbits of Earth and Mars.”

It is encouraging that this comes from the academic world for a change. They go on to expound a complete theory which gets into the weeds of orbital mechanics, but the question of man-made-climate change isn’t that complicated. Purveyors of the notion that we of the civilized world are about to make toast of our planet due to our unrestrained self-indulgence, have brought CO2 up to close to an irreversible level which, they say, must be around 400 parts per million.

Some simple math says that is equivalent to one molecule of carbon dioxide per a 2500 molecule air sample. Given that the specific heat of this ‘hideous’ gas is only about double the other air constituents, imparting a measurable temperature rise to the other 2499 molecules of air would be like powering the lights of a major sports stadium through a single household extension cord.

Faith Begins Where Knowledge Ends

When that distinction is lost, knowledge becomes corrupt.

Emanating out of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the notion that modern living carries the seeds of its own destruction has become sacrosanct dogma embodied in a pseudo-science that is a source of power and money for those that embrace it.  Money for the consultants who live on grant money and power for political elites who feel that their superior essence entitles them to tell the rest of us how to live.

Environmental lobbies, made up of community organizers and lawyers, who have never produced a cup of drinkable water or treated a single toilet flush, live on grants extended by a federal government who use this opportunity encapsulate our freedoms with a regulatory network without limits.

They are legitimized by a media unknowledgeable in climatology but full of faith in the statist philosophy of government.  This is a clear case of knowledge corrupted by faith.

It would seem that an unnecessary sea wall blocking off the commercial and recreational activity of a major metropolitan area is a fitting monument to the ignorance of our time.

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