Liberal Prescriptions Have Passed Their Expiration Date

There was a land called Liberality
Who touted their own kind of morality
Pronouncements were shrill
Water flowed up hill
And spewed their own brand of banality

“Adrift – A Journey to George Orwell’s 1984” describes an inexorable slide into the abyss described in Orwell’s book.  It is a place where every aspect of human activity and desire is submissive to Big Brother’s prescription for the way you shall live. Along comes Mr. Donald J. Trump who says, “enough”, and against every establishment prognosticator, assembles a successful presidential bid with promises of big change.

In the past 48 years, three Republican presidents, Nixon, Bush 41 and Bush 43 have been little more than place holders for the next liberal onslaught against personal freedoms and the economic genius of the market place. With the exception of Ronald Reagan, these Republican interludes have seen feints to the political right until the mainstream media said naughty, naughty causing tacks back to the left followed by elections that brought the establishment ‘good-guys’ back into control.

Mr. Trump said he would turn the whole damn ship around 180 degrees and take us back to the land of the free and the home of the brave to a chorus of establishment snickers.  And, OMG, now he’s president and wasting no time and beginning to do what he said he would do. (What successful politician ever did that?)  Panic set in in the land of Liberality and when he showed the MSM that their ‘Tsk, Tsk’, naughty, naughty and nasty names didn’t phase him, they invented ‘Fake News’, assuming the voting public had returned to their usual post-election slumber.

Much to their consternation, they found that the sleeping giant, so rudely awakened by eight incompetent Obama years, was very much still awake and taking names which brings us to what has to be, their last desperate ploy – obstructionism.

If I can’t drive the car, I’ll let all the air out of the tires so nobody can

Opposition, in the form of the Democratic Party, is completely flummoxed.  Are they the party of the industrial, union working man who, in frustration with liberal policies, voted for Trump or are they the party of the street gaggle wearing funny hats and carrying professionally printed signs provided by someone else?

Since they are unable to move ahead with party rebuilding until they figure out who they are, the only thing left is obstruction of a Republican dominated government and the MSM will continue to be the toady press that liberals have come to know and love.

Scorched Earth

With scant regard for effective governance, a liberal scorched earth policy has sucked the oxygen right out of debate hall.  Trump’s re-jiggering of our economic engine provides plenty of fuel for discussion yet the MSM is obsessed with the bizarre, the silly and the ridiculous.  For example, tort reform was a hot topic a few years ago, but nary a question about this topic is raised in the whole health care debate despite an estimated $45 billion spent on defensive medicine.

If the whole post-election, post-inaugural debate has exposed anything, it is that liberals care little about the people they pander to, only their votes on election day. Their “bleeding hearts” are only for themselves and their “white guilt”.

Voters, Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Anybody who gives credibility to the “Trump is a Russian Agent” nonsense has overdosed on bad TV spy thrillers.  He has more money than God, so what is his payoff?  The same goes for all the other baseless crap that the left has come up with while they sit around doing their navel check.

The middle class needs to keep on doing what they have been doing for the last year and a half or so and paying attention to what’s going on.  If their attention starts to flag, they need to think back to the bad old days of 30-hour work weeks and health insurance they didn’t want and couldn’t afford.

And it only gets worse from there – 1984 wasn’t that far around the corner.


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