Egg – sactly Liberal and Elite  

Like the bird who returns to her nest to find fresh eggs left by the cuckoo bird (as this breed is wont to do), the Democratic party has found some strange droppings in their nest.  No longer the party of the union working man, they have become a party of elites who, by virtue of their ‘inherent’ mental superiority, money and power positions, are dedicated to telling the rest of us how to live.

Ingredients of this self-delusion are equal parts of mythology and hypocrisy. They think of themselves as the ordained leaders of our democratic society and

  • Protectors of inner city populations
  • Environmental saviors
  • Arbiters and prescribers of freedom of expression



Sucky government? It’s a fix it yourself solution

If free chocolate for everyone were part of a 5840317889_b482f59caa_mproposed legislative package, would yourcongress-person, (A) carefully consider the cost-benefit effect of such legislation or
(B) take a survey ofhis/her constituency to see how many voters liked chocolate?

If you answered (B), you just passed your first adult civics lesson. What you probably don’t know is, the same congress-person will then solicit the dentists lobby for campaign contributions based on the increased business they received due to his/her support for the legislation.

And then, when it takes you three weeks to get a dental appointment to fix a painful cavity, you will scream for term limits.



They know what you know

If you were to run for congress, one of the first things you would do is pay a consultant to tell you about the constituency you want to represent.  They need to know what you

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Republicans’ Corporate Overlords?    background-1023002

You and a friend are having a discussion and you go to the internet to get the right answer to a question you have been arguing about for an hour.  Your Google results produces a screen with half of it blacked out; as in redacted like a government document they don’t want you to see for security or other reasons.

This is a story about Net Neutrality which became law June 2015 by fiat of the FCC turning over control of the internet to the government.

Now comes an opinion expressed on the November 11, “Republicans—and their corporate overlords—can’t let the rest of us have nice things, like the open internet,       More

Venezuela: Net Neutrality Blocks 43 Web Sites

16688111415_e38f43c0fe_z NET NEUTRAL

Strangulation By Regulation


For pity sakes, more strangulation through regulation?  A NY Times headline today, “Broadband Providers Will Need Permission to Collect Private Data”.

The FCC using a 3 to 2 vote said that broadband subscribers will need to grant permission before companies like Comcast and AT&T can collect their digital information. This action puts a big hole in targeted advertising plans which may affect AT&T’s plans to acquire Time Warner.  At the same time, the ruling does not affect Google, Facebook and other web companies because FCC authority is limited to broadband business.

In the article, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is quoted as saying, “It is not the information of the network the consumer hires to deliver that information.”  Huh?  Privacy groups supported the move saying that it brings us more in line with Europe.  We want to be more like Europe?

The article goes on to say that consumer data can still be collected but that it will be more difficult. It just doesn’t seem that putting business in straight-jackets is the way to encourage business expansion and create more jobs.

This is the same Tom Wheeler who pushed through Net Neutrality last year ceding U.S. control of the internet to the U.N. All in favor of “draining the swamp”, remember November 8.


History ? – Forgeddaboutit


Evolution or God, depending upon your spiritual persuasions, has given us huge brains and amazing intellects and yet, we lurch from one unforeseen outcome to another.  It’s like a carefully planned battle which instantly dissolves into chaos once the first shot is fired.  And so it is with the best laid plans, etc.

I am reading, “The Forgotten Man – A New History of The Great Depression” by Amity Schlaes.   More


Term Limits – A Bad Idea Whose Time Will Never Come  3537931743_553f1ac8ef_z

Someone who has a good paying job with power and prestige is going to terminate themselves?  Get real.  Even if term limits were a good idea, and it is not, how is it ever supposed to become law?  Some would suggest a constitutional convention, the first one since 1787.

There are only two things wrong with that; a constitutional convention can address any issue they choose which is plenty scary and if term limits got the go ahead from a convention, the seekers of this change would probably have passed on of old age by the time it went through the ratification process and became law. More


Connecting Dots on Shifting Sand

 pebbles in sand