Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – A Whole New Meaning – Media Obfuscation

If Chicken Little had told Inspector Clouseau of Pink Panther fame about the acorn dropping on his head, mainstream media (MSM) headlines would have screamed, “Sky Falling!, Sky Falling!” with editorial sidebars about conservative abuse of chickens.

It is rumored that, given his career success, the inspector has changed professions and is now Reporter Clouseau.

Given the quality of today’s reportage, it is unlikely that anyone would have asked the abused  chicken if he had seen an oak tree lately.  And that is the subject of today’s discussion; are obvious questions avoided to avoid difficult answers?

You will never hear these three questions surfacing on media, anyplace.


Extreme Petty Ankle Biting


Do they think we are that stupid or are they?  I am referring to the media and their reaction to a 90-day embargo placed upon immigrants from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.  Stories about this event are written with a self-righteous panty twist about what kind of country are we!




Those Annoying Facts  hand-995564_1920

It used to be, everyone was entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. But that’s not the case anymore. Facts matter not at all. Perception is everything. Stephen Colbert

Now I’m not a techno-geek, but I flinched when I heard a panelist on a televised political discussion show say, ‘yeah, force equals mass times velocity’. It was not intended as a physics lesson but rather an embellishment on a political point being made.  The most basic relationship in Newtonian physics is force equals mass times acceleration (F=ma).  Mass times velocity is called momentum.

It makes me wonder how much else this panelist pontificates on without having a clue.  Nor is this an isolated incident.  Take, for example, the unending discussion about the effect of Russian hacking on our presidential election, intending to leave the impression that Vladimir Putin preferred Trump to Hillary making him a pushover when it comes to dealing with Russia. In addition, it is intended to delegitimize his presidency.


Half The News That’s Fit To Print  8164683753_6c40af3fa4_o

Half the news that’s fit to print is an appropriate appellation to confer on all the newsies who qualify to be lumped into the category of ‘main-stream-media – lumped also in the sense of coal for their Christmas stockings.  Recognizing that this is a potential infringement on the New York Times self-proclaimed goal, it shouldn’t bother anyone because they have been publishing only half the story for a very long time.

Since nasty names have not invalidated the unthinkable November 8 ‘cataclysm’, the purveyors of liberal fantasies have seized on the fruits of Russian hackmeisters as proof that Donald Trump was the favorite of Russian president, Vladimir Putin.



“Through the Looking Glass”, a sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”, finds Alice behind the mirror where she comes across a book, Jabberwocky, that can only be read by holding it up to a mirror. This may be a useful suggestion when trying to make sense of today’s political reporting.

image002 6792771279_042ecabe5c_q BACKWARD

Take, for example, the ‘income gap’ and the mail room guy with his tiny salary compared with the CEO’s.  Now this piece of legerdemain requires the assumption that anybody on the bottom rung of the so called ladder will never be allowed to move up to the next rung.  The solution, therefore, is to take money from the CEO in the form of a higher tax rate and give enough of it to the bottom rung guy washed through some bureaucracy in the form of a program that will sustain his bottom rung position.

An alternative would be to let the CEO keep more of his money so that he can build more ladders with more rungs to be filled by guys moving up the ladder.


Creating Jabberwocky Mid-September Update


In May, I wrote, “Through the Looking Glass”, a sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”, finds Alice behind the mirror where she comes across a book, Jabberwocky, that can only be read by holding it up to a mirror. This may be a useful suggestion when trying to make sense of today’s political reporting.” How is this playing out?

A new Gallup poll shows that trust in the mass media has dropped to a new low of 32 percent, down eight percent from a year ago. This is slightly below trustworthy poll results for both Clinton and Trump. So how did the fourth estate, the guardian of truth envisioned by our constitution authors, fall so low in public esteem?  Let’s take a look at recent news events in search of a clue to why the mainstream media’s unbiased, objective coverage has become so tarnished.


The Trivial Pursuit Score Board, Here Kitty, Kitty


Recalling a three credit hour business law course stuffed into my engineering curriculum in college, the professor was fond of saying, “you argue black and I’ll argue white, or I’ll argue black and you argue white”.  The point being that substance is a distant second to building a winning argument.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons that politics is such a career magnet for law school graduates.  Crafting an argument that the jury will buy trumps principle and substance while supporting job security.  In politics, who is the jury?  The obvious answer is you and me – end of story.

Well, not quite.


Send In The Clowns   clowns-975895_1920