The Trivial Pursuit Score Board, Here Kitty, Kitty

Recalling a three credit hour business law course stuffed into my engineering curriculum in college, the professor was fond of saying, “you argue black and I’ll argue white, or I’ll argue black and you argue white”.  The point being that substance is a distant second to building a winning argument. Perhaps that is one of … More The Trivial Pursuit Score Board, Here Kitty, Kitty

A Culture Gone To Crap

A culture gone to crap, might be the title of this episode described on, October 6, 2016. The short of the story is that a couple, a man and a woman, apparently used a Memphis Walgreen’s bathroom to snort some heroin, mid-afternoon in Memphis Tennessee and succumbed to a state of helpless inebriation as … More A Culture Gone To Crap

Hoax of the Century

The Cardiff Giant was the figure of a man, 10 feet 4-1/2 inches tall, carved out of gypsum and surreptitiously buried on the farm of a Syracuse, NY suburb called Cardiff.  When it was found in 1869 by a farmer drilling a well, it was immediately promoted as the petrified remains of a giant who … More Hoax of the Century

Epi(c) Outrage

In an election season where indignation and outrage are the postures du-jour, comes EpiPen, a medical device manufactured by Mylan drug company. A Facebook post yesterday, capsulized a headline from the website “Uncut”, “Big Pharma’s dirty secret: EpiPen was developed entirely with taxpayer money”, placed under the words, “CLASS WAR”. I have no way of … More Epi(c) Outrage