“1984” Style Liberalism in 2018   

It’s where the money is.  That’s the answer to the question, where is the source of Democratic party leadership?  Money is power and leading without power is like watching the current crop of wannabes trying to catch the bridal bouquet.


Elites, oligarchy and control

Give and take.  Of ideas.  Solutions result.

Take away the give.  Conflict and inaction until one side or the other gets control. Control has replaced solutions as the ultimate objective.

And so, U.S. politics has evolved.

The Players

  • Elites, few-in-number who have instruments of control through wealth and influence.
  1. Wannabee fringe players who feed on their droppings
  2. Reflexively liberal media who see the surface of everything with depth measured in micrometers
  3. Academia whose positions are secured by their own liberality
  4. Politicians beholden to Elite largesse
  • Everybody else, large in numbers lacking resources and knowledge.
  1. Those who are too preoccupied with culture’s trivia to get it
  2. Those who get it and vote. That is the-rest-of-us
  • Politicians not in thrall to liberality who seek effective voice.
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 Liberal Prescriptions Have Passed Their Expiration Date

There was a land called Liberality
Who touted their own kind of morality
Pronouncements were shrill
Water flowed up hill
And spewed their own brand of banality

“Adrift – A Journey to George Orwell’s 1984” describes an inexorable slide into the abyss described in Orwell’s book.  It is a place where every aspect of human activity and desire is submissive to Big Brother’s prescription for the way you shall live. Along comes Mr. Donald J. Trump who says, “enough”, and against every establishment prognosticator, assembles a successful presidential bid with promises of big change.

In the past 48 years, three Republican presidents, Nixon, Bush 41 and Bush 43 have been little more than place holders for the next liberal onslaught against personal freedoms and the economic genius of the market place. With the exception of Ronald Reagan, these Republican interludes have seen feints to the political right until the mainstream media said naughty, naughty causing tacks back to the left followed by elections that brought the establishment ‘good-guys’ back into control.

Mr. Trump said he would turn the whole damn ship around 180 degrees and take us back to the land of the free and the home of the brave to a chorus of establishment snickers.  And, OMG, now he’s president and wasting no time and beginning to do what he said he would do. (What successful politician ever did that?)  Panic set in in the land of Liberality and when he showed the MSM that their ‘Tsk, Tsk’, naughty, naughty and nasty names didn’t phase him, they invented ‘Fake News’, assuming the voting public had returned to their usual post-election slumber.


Obscuring The Difference     4639435400_19d05fbc51_o

This is an apple; this is an orange. Although they are both fruits, one really wouldn’t confuse one with the other would they? As a matter of fact, they are so different that they are used to illustrate differences in things obscured by subtlety or even subterfuge.  If we attempt to compare a sports car and an SUV, we begin with noting that they are both motor driven four-wheel transport vehicles but to compare load carrying capacities would be ridiculous.  You might say that it is like comparing an apple with and orange.

Take for example presidential candidates and, more specifically, the terms used to describe distinguishing features which voters might use to choose one or the other.


So You Say  8276603038_88a63e5911_o

Under the heading of notable ‘premature demises’ may turn out to be this year’s presidential election. Poll results, such as they are, seem to be fueling the wishful thinking of some of the poohbahs in Donald Trumps adopted Republican party. They have already put the Champaign on ice in preparation for cork popping at Hillary Clinton’s November victory.

Fueled by media hysteria at the thought of a U.S. President having gained the office without their imprimatur, polls fuel the negaboobs whose insecurity has reached panty twisting levels at the thought of this interloper diminishing their party influence.  And, by the way, they have lost the last two presidential elections.



Shh!  I’m voting for Trump   ConsSpndGraphJ7.docx (2)

Between you and me, I’m voting for Trump, but don’t tell anyone.

Last night I saw someone interviewed who recounted an event at a recent lawyer’s conference he attended.  When they registered at the beginning of the event, they signed in with their name and who they were voting for president in November.  Hillary won 53 to 43 percent.  At the conclusion of the conference, they voted again, this time on a secret ballot.  Trump won 51 to 41.

This is the most thorough demolition of a liberal candidate opponent since Barry Goldwater.  But Trump shouldn’t take it personally.  Because of Obama’s dismal eight-year performance, the Democrat’s only hope of extending their White House lease is a successful character assassination of any Republican who came out of their convention with the nomination.


Say What?

Political Courage ???